Documentary Photo

Scenes from yesterday when the council voted on the sale of White Pond in Akron.

(Photo 1) Miranda, a Biology Student at the University of Akron embraces a friend outside City Council Chambers.

Members of the public were escorted out of council chambers by police and given an order to disperse. Councilwoman Omobien then came out saying that they could stay. Many who followed the orders to disperse were unable to give public comment. Those that stayed were allowed in one at a time for their 3 minutes to protest the sale of the property to an out of state developer to build “market rate” housing that many Akronites have voiced would be unaffordable in addition to destroying a beloved green space (see photo 2, Fran Wilson, photographed through a crack in the chamber door).

Outside the chamber, huddled in the hall, members of the public listen to proceedings thru the livestream (photo 3-5).

From a post originally shared the day after the events on instagram.